Potato Council Seed Satisfaction Survey is Now Available Online!


Potato Council is running the first electronic version of the seed satisfaction survey. “This survey will offer all potato growers the opportunity to have their say on seed quality and supply,” says Potato Council head of seed and export Mark Prentice. “I strongly urge growers to complete the online seed satisfaction survey now.”

Aimed at everyone who buys or grows seed potatoes, the Potato Council-commissioned survey is designed to find out how satisfied growers are with the ability to source chosen varieties and whether quality meets requirements.

Mr Prentice explains why this survey is paramount: “Seed has a huge role in determining the potential yield and quality of any grower’s crop. We need the growers to have their say on the improvements they would like to make. These results will then be used to help us target future developments accordingly.”

This is the first seed survey to be conducted in ten years and there have been substantial changes within the seed potato industry over this period, with significant investment in new technology and delivery of Potato Council-funded research into seed management and marketable yield.

“As seed is not only the most important input, but also the most costly one, we now need more accurate information than that gathered previously. The results of this search will enable the seed sector to develop according to growers’ needs.”

The survey, which takes only about 15 minutes to complete, is available now online at www.potato.org.uk/seedsurvey.

Visitors to BP2011 will also be able to complete the survey on the Potato Council stand. To avoid queues, book online for free entry to BP2011 at www.potato.org.uk/bp2011


Mark Prentice 
Potato Council 
Tel: 0131 472 4149 
Email: mark.prentice@potato.ahdb.org.ukThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Source: Fresh Plaza – Potato Council Seed Satisfaction Survey is Now Available Online!

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