Redmills to Launch New Engage Dog Food

Engage Dog Food – coming soon….

Connolly’s RED MILLS is proud to present to you Engage, our Premium Country dog food range. Our resident vet and our nutritionist have been involved in extensive research and development, and after exclusive trials, the Engage recipes have been perfected. The Engage range of dog foods contain only the finest ingredients for the benefit of your dogs. Whether its walking, flushing, pointing or setting, Engage will give your dogs just what they need. For fast recovery, sustained energy and optimum endurance, there is a food in the Engage range to suit your dog’s activity. Now you and your dogs can stay ahead of the game with Engage, Premium Country Dog Food.

  • Engage Duck & Rice
    Our Duck & Rice recipe is …
  • Engage Salmon & Rice
    Our Salmon & Rice Recipe i …
  • Engage Chicken
    Our Chicken Recipe is made …
  • Engage Beef
    Our Beef Recipe is a fully …


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