New Range of Seedling Pots from ‘Because We Care’


A brand new, environmentally friendly seedling pot has been launched into the Irish and UK market.

Designed to be planted with your seedling directly into the soil, the ‘Because We Care’ seedling pots will release nutrients into the soil as they biodegrade, helping eliminate the waste associated with commonly used plastic pots. In addition, all ‘Because We Care’ compostable products are made principally from cornstarch, an annually renewable and sustainable resource, thereby making the pots a more environmentally-friendly choice than similar peat-based products.

Uniquely, both the pots and their packaging are fully biodegradable. The pots are designed to degrade only once they are planted in the soil and will not degrade until then, providing a long shelf life.

Tim Wells, of Boomerang Imports, the Irish and UK distributor for these new products says “These pots are an excellent way to grow your own plants in an environmentally friendly way”. He adds “In the past, one barrier for consumers to choosing environmentally-friendly products has been price. The ‘Because We Care’ seedling pots are priced to be comparable with existing alternatives, so allowing the consumer to make an environmentally-friendly choice at a reasonable cost”

The corn used in production of the seedling pots is third grade corn, unsuitable for human or animal consumption. The corn is grown in an area of high natural rainfall and is not irrigation dependent.

Available for early 2012, Tim Wells is now taking advance orders for these exciting new products.

The seedling pots are only one of a number of products in the ‘Because We Care’ range. ’Because we Care’ are currently working on compostable weed mats for both the gardening and agricultural markets, and the range also includes products such as compostable dog waste bags, disposable catering products and shopping bags all detailed on the’.

For more information on the Because We Care range, contact timwells@boomerangimports.ieThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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