Horticulture and Floristry | CAFRE

Horticulture is big business and gardening is the UK’s second biggest hobby. It impacts on many aspects of our lives and provides fascinating job opportunities in a wide variety of work activities worldwide. An increasing number of tourists come to Northern Ireland each year to play golf on our world famous links courses and visit our very fine gardens. Horticulturists play a major role in all areas concerned with managing and maintaining our environment, increasing biodiversity and ensuring sports facilities are kept to a high standard. As the designers, developers and managers of urban and rural landscapes, horticulturists are at the forefront of the world in which we live, work and play.

Details of Facilities and Horticulture Courses

Floristry is a diverse and expanding business offering a fascinating and dynamic profession that combines creativity, technical ability and business skills. Greenmount Campus offers the only full-time floristry programme in Northern Ireland. The course can also be accessed on a part-time basis for those already employed in the business.

Details of Facilities and Floristry Courses


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