Union fleurs – International Flower Trade Association

  • The Union Fleurs office was re-located to Brussels in 2011. In previous years it has been hosted by member organisations in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.
  • The Union Fleurs team is composed of:

Ms. Sylvie Mamias

Secretary General

(General enquiries, Union Fleurs activities, membership information)

T: +32 2 736 79 97

Email: secgen@unionfleurs.org


Ms. Fionnuala Bourke

Office Assistant

(Administration, communication & organization of meetings)

T : +32 2 231 06 38

Email : info@unionfleurs.org


Ms. Paola Maniga

Trade Adviser

(Trade matters)

T: +32 2 736 68 73

Email: trade@unionfleurs.org


  • English is the working language of the Union Fleurs office, but contact can also be made in French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Office contact details:


Square Ambiorix 32/24

B- 1000 Brussels

T: +32 2 231 06 38

F: +32 2 732 67 66



Office hours: Mo-Th 9h-18h / Fri 9h-16h


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