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The City Ranger 2200 is a utility machine with a complete range of special attachments that allows you to work outdoors, all year round. Sweeping and vacuuming in spring and autumn, mowing grass and lawn-edge cutting in the summer, sweeping snow, and spreading gravel, salt and sand in the winter. The City Ranger 2200 is market tested, effective and very professional. Designed for versatility, this user-friendly machine is extremely reliable and exceedingly comfortable to operate.

Easy attachment changeover
Attachments can be changed quickly and easily. The attachment system has a single lock and release lever – one click and the attachment is on. In less than a minute. Hoses and couplings are hidden (thus well-protected) and the hydraulics and water supply, power and vacuum hose connect automatically.

Operating abilities
The City Ranger 2200 is equipped with a hydraulic automatic throttle. It automatically controls acceleration and the machine has a transport speed of up to 21 km/h. The attachment follows the terrain and its weight is partially distributed over the machine’s front wheels for perfect machine-attachment weight transmission. Ensuring exceptionally good traction, stability and great results.

The City Ranger 2200 is articulated, so it can keep close to edges and turn sharp corners.

Strength, power and transmission
The City Ranger 2200 has strong traction. With a 34-horse power engine, four-wheel drive and excellent weight distribution, combined with a low point of gravity and a large axle base, the outdoor utility machine is safe and reliable – no matter where or how much work it is doing. It is stable on all terrains.

The City Ranger 2200 is designed for daily maintenance, so everything is easily accessible. No need to dismantle attachments. The water, oil, air filter and battery can be checked just by lifting a single cover.

The City Ranger 2200 is environmentally sound – today and tomorrow. Quiet when operating and practically vibration-free. It is designed for use with an exhaust particle filter and catalytic converter, and can use biological hydraulic oil. The machine is far less harmful to the environment than the minimum levels set by the EU.

The City Ranger 2200 is an ergonomically-designed outdoor utility machine. The cab is spacious, with visibility on all sides, and the entry-opening is low and wide. The wheel and seat are fully-adjustable to suit the operator. The seat has suspension (with optional pneumatic suspension) and is very comfortable to sit in. All the operating controls – including the joystick for controlling the attachments – are positioned optimally for the operator.Air-conditioning is available as an optional feature.

When you change attachments, the City Ranger 2200 hydraulic hoses are connected at the turn of a handle!

Optional equipment

Download PDF: City Ranger 2200

> Riding lawn mowers

> Non-toxic weed control

> Snow removal machines

> Utility machine



Park Ranger 2150

The Park Ranger 2150 is a utility machine for an all-season range of Park Ranger attachments. Articulated and just 1 m wide, the Park Ranger utility machine provides professional performance in even the tightest spots and is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its servo steering and a turning radius of just 1.5 m. Four-wheel drive and 28 hp ensure strength and power in all work situations.

The Park Ranger 2150 is fully hydraulic and extremely simple to operate. It features no mechanical parts such as fan belts, chains and crank shafts, so it contains very few wearing parts. The utility machine therefore requires only minimal maintenance and is remarkably durable. The same applies to the attachments, which are all custom-made for the Park Ranger 2150. Once they are fitted, they become an integrated part of the machine, thus ensuring that it always retains its compact form.

With the Park Ranger 2150 the changeover from one attachment to another is done in less than 4 minutes – no tools required!

Optional equipment

Download PDF: Park Ranger 2150

> Suction sweeper

> Riding lawn mower

> Transportation

> Snow removal machine

> Grounds maintenance machine

Articulated grounds maintenance machine

Grounds maintenance machine


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